Terence M. Lydon

Co-Founder & Chairman

About Terry

Terry, a Founding Partner and the Chairman of Moshun, is a serial entrepreneur who knows how to form, develop, and scale business ventures from the ground up. In forming Moshun with Tim, Terry was inspired by the opportunity to bring the best of all the lessons he learned in all of the previous businesses and create something truly extraordinary.

Terry likes to dream big, and is the rare individual who knows how to make them reality. More than anything else, Terry believes that a strong foundation is the number one ingredient in building a long-lasting organization. He values the importance of setting clearly defined goals with short, medium and long term horizons, not just in business, but his personal life as well.

Terry believes that cultivating a positive work environment is crucial for creating motivated teams. From creating a brand new modern, collaborative work space for the Moshun team to leading woodworking team-building outings, Terry lives and leads authentically. An eternal optimist, Terry looks for the positive in every situation, and practices a daily attitude of gratitude.

Terry graduated from the University of Illinois – Chicago with a B.A. in Business Administration. He sits on the Board of Directors for Cornerstone National Bank & Trust, and the Iron Gate Motor Condos Association. He is a renowned car enthusiast and collector of rare and exotic automobiles, a loving husband and dad.