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a safer world

“The meshing of passionate, skilled, caring people equal wonderful benefits for the world.” 
– Tim Boundy, Chief Executive Officer 

Our story began with a simple parental desire

Protect little fingers from slamming doors. Over the next few years, Tim, a multi-faceted chemical industry sales leader by day, entrepreneur, and tinkerer by night, invented a revolutionary new approach that would put an end to the hazards and noises of slamming doors. Making a positive out of the pandemic, Tim and Terry discussed a way to bring this technology to the world in a useful way. What started as an off-hours passion project became moshun, the company. 

With the rest of the team joining in, moshun morphed into an IP house focused on taking this innovative, ground-breaking tech and bringing it to life in the form of superior product solutions. 

 If you are in the business of movement control, we’d love to hear from you and brainstorm custom solutions to your unique business challenges. Contact us today to get the conversation started. 

moshun: vision

Listen to our founders, Tim and Terry share their vision and Moshun’s mission to help ground-breaking technologies find commercial success. 

teamwork: required

moshun’s team of experts feature a broad range of capabilities from design, to engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. Together, we know what it takes to make dreams into commercial success. 

We believe that with the right group of people anything is possible. moshun has brought together a super-group of individuals who not only have world-class experience and expertise, but also infuse passion into what they do and how they live. We know that with those two ingredients on hand, possibilities abound. 

Our team is bound together with a shared passion, curiosity, and creativity we practice every day to foster a culture of possibility.

inspirational: workspace

A company driven by innovation should work in an office that incubates innovation, and that is exactly what moshun’s one of a kind office was designed for. Our state-of-the-art office provides our employees a unique environment in which to collaborate, innovate, and work productively. With top-of-the-line technology features and integrations, an in-house laboratory, and an expansion in the works—our office is prepared to grow as moshun grows.