safety: reimagined.

What if we could use technology to control a door from slamming, protect a child’s fingers, and quiet doors?  That was the innovative spark that launched moshun™. This revolutionary system is only the first peek through the door. We are adding control and communication to mechanical movement in many ways.

in-house design lab

Our process for turning visionary ideas into tangible reality is one of rapid experimentation. By having a design lab with 3D polymer and industrial metal printing as well as connected CNC fabrication, we can prototype product in real time. This immediate testing and refinement cycle allows us to refine concepts in days instead of months.

expert team

The moshun™ team is comprised of experts with a broad range of capabilities, from chemical professionals to mechanical engineers, product designers to prototype makers. Couple that with our business leaders, in-house patent experts and deep vendor partnerships and you round out our capability to turn great ideas into commercial successes using innovative modern technology.

product spotlight: a smarter hinge

“The meshing of passionate, skilled caring people equals wonderful benefits for the world.”

– Tim Boundy, Chief Executive Officer