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In house prototyping bringing ideation to life

Moshun™’s in-house design lab, located in suburban Chicago, is where visionary ideas coupled with comprehensive experimentation are producing innovations fulfilling Moshun’s promise. Powered by RheoSmart™ NanoTechnology, we blend traditional materials with novel science and create practical, durable, products for next generation movement control.

Our state-of-the-art design lab capability includes:

  • CNC fabrication for metal and plastic components
  • Industrial metal additive printing with a variety of alloys, allowing us to create final parts in shapes beyond the capabilities of CNC machining.
  • Force and speed testing in real world applications, like doors.
  • 3D plastics printing for prototyping and production level use. 

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limitless imagination

100+ Years of Experience

experience in ideation, design, development and testing

60+ Patent Assets

many concentrating on our trademarked product innovations

spotlight: intelligent fluid

RheoSmart™ Nanotechnology (RSNT) is the proprietary fluid nanotechnology that gives our devices next-generation motion control capabilities.

Force, pressure, and speed activate the highly engineered RSNT causing it to respond at predetermined thresholds. This phase changing fluid has a wide range of applications including the ability to control mechanical movement (such as doors) giving a refined functionality.  “We strive for a more elegant control in movement”

The capabilities of RheoSmart™ have just scratched the surface, and Moshun is eager to explore opportunities in untapped industries.  Work with us to incorporate this movement control technology into your mechanical devices – linear, rotary, sliding, etc.  The only limit is your imagination.

Bring us your mechanical movement control challenges and we will work with you to deliver a solution. moshun™ has the experts and the network to help bring what we call “Worthy Tech” to life.