SlamBlok Hidden


Hidden Hinge

SlamBlok™ technology for the built in hidden hinge (concealed) look for upscale doors and marine applications. A beautiful modern look with multi functional benefits.

Hidden Slam Control

Moshun™’s patent-pending SlamBlok™ Hidden Hinge is the most luxurious way to bring best-in-class safety and serenity to your home. Designed with our proprietary and highly engineered RheoSmart™ Nanotechnology, the SlamBlok™ Hidden Hinge is the most discrete way to add style and control to your doors.

Concealed while closed, this sleek and unassuming hidden hinge design provides “hinge free” look to your doorway. The SlamBlok™ Hidden Hinge uses Moshun™’s core technology counteract the force of slamming over a full range of pivot motion, thereby bringing control to slamming noises and slamming-related accidents.

Key Features

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Revolutionary anti-slam protection.
  • Prevents irritating door rattle, vibration, and slamming noises.
  • Durable.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Contact us for sizes.

Available in many finishes and sizes to fit existing doors.

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