Jason Resch

Intellectual Property

About Jason

Jason is a computer scientist and inventor with over 900 patents in areas including distributed systems, algorithms, data security, data storage, and protocols – which places him amongst the top 50 inventors in history. He brings to Moshun over 15 years of experience in data storage engineering, software development, and cryptography through career stints at CleverSafe and IBM. At the latter, Jason was awarded the coveted Master Inventor designation.

A sought-after speaker, Jason has presented at the Storage Developer Conference, ACM, Usenix, and NIST on data storage and security topics, and published many ground-breaking articles on tech topics.

A deep thinker and writer, Jason is a prolific blogger on AlwaysAsking.com. He finds inspiration in philosophy and art, and is currently learning to play the piano, and writing his first book with the working title of Science of the Soul.