Mario DeRango

Mario DeRango

Intellectual Property

About Mario

Mario is a technology consultant with extensive experience in mobile and wireline communication networks, modern web applications, cloud-native designs/deployments, and intellectual property. In his illustrious nine-year career at Motorola, Mario served as Vice President and Chief Architect leading an advanced solutions architecture team that drove substantial technical innovation for the industry, including the first fully Internet Protocol based, wide-area infrastructure for a mobile voice and data wireless network.

Mario is also an entrepreneur and founder of Intechigence, an advanced technology consultancy specializing in the Internet/cellular industries. Mario particularly enjoys working with technology startups where he serves on advisory boards and is currently directing cloud-based software projects.

A registered patent agent with the USPTO, Mario holds 26 issued patents, including three Motorola patent-of-the-year awards. He works with the Caerus Institute to leverage his expertise in developing technology strategies and capturing intellectual property. At Moshun, Mario will bring his broad technical and innovation expertise to identify and capture the critical Intellectual Property that will help grow and protect the business.

Mario holds a BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Technology and has completed Executive Leadership from Northwestern University. Mario has served on the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), as well as on a U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Task Force and has worked with the President’s National Security Telecommunication Advisory Committee (NSTAC).